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Jano Hindi Overview

Jano Hindi classes provide a very unique, creative, fun and highly interactive environment, focusing on the development of speaking, reading, writing and understanding Hindi language and related skills. The class is broken into segments to offer a variety of learning opportunities designed to keep the children engaged and active. Children are taught in the same manner as they are in their regular school curriculum with special emphasis on keeping them interested and motivated. Our teachers also make sure that each child is encouraged to proceed at his/her own pace.

Level Pre-K: An immersion class meant for ages 3 to 5, where children will be exposed to the Hindi language through stories, games, songs, arts and crafts.

Level 1: A beginner language class that covers the Hindi alphabet, numbers, colors and poems. Also teaches beginner conversational Hindi.

Level 1 Accelerated: A beginner language class designed for grades 4+ so that they may finish

Level 2: A second-year Hindi language class covering the matras (vowel and consonant combinations) and starter vocabulary, teaching reading through beginner-level stories and emphasizing conversational Hindi.

Level 1 Accelerated: A beginner class designed for grades 4+ so that they may finish Level 1 and

Level 2 in the same year. They would enroll for Level 1 and teacher will facilitate this assuming student is able to keep with up with the content.

Level 3: A third-year Hindi language class that focuses building strong foundations for the Hindi language while providing special emphasis on everyday vocabulary and speaking skills through theatre.

Level 4: A fourth-year Hindi language class that strengthens the reading, writing, speaking and understanding skill set while adding vocabulary, reading intermediate-level stories, emphasizing comprehension and more structured conversation exercises.

Level 5: A fifth-year Hindi language class that makes the conversational skills of the child stronger. Also designed to strengthen reading, writing and understanding of the Hindi language to create more fluency through higher-level stories, fun exercises, advanced vocabulary and challenging sentence constructs.

Level 6: A sixth-year Hindi language class that focuses on grammar which will assist in strengthening the conversational skills of the student. Content from appropriate Hindi literature will be included in order to enhance their connection with the Hindi Heritage. Creative engagement which is the hallmark of Jano Hindi will naturally be continued.

Jano Hindi Adults: This program focuses on conversational skills in and reading of the Hindi language and is customized for the adult students. Commonly used and frequently used Hindi constructs, vocabulary and grammar are covered, which is intended to give confidence in simple spoken Hindi. This program will help in spoken Hindi for everyday usage, travel or for assisting your children acquire Hindi.

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USHF (US Hindi Foundation) believes that Hindi learning can be fun for all children. Children learn very quickly once they are given the right tools, right guidance and the right environment suitable for the subject. USHF is committed to providing the highest standard of teaching aides, student materials and learning tools. It is constantly improving and adding strategies and tools to make Hindi learning easier and more fun.

All student and teacher materials are created, copyrighted, designed and published by USHF. These are used only for this program and not sold for retail. They may not be copied as they are copyrighted.