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No Summer Camp in 2024,
Looking forward to have the Camp Next Year in 2025

Santa Clara, Palo Alto and Fremont Camps are OPEN for Enrollment

PALO ALTO :June 3-July 26 (Location TBA)

SANTA CLARA :July 8-Aug 2 (Location TBA)

FREMONT :July 15-26 (Location TBA)

Camp Highlights

  • Themes: Ancient India, Amazing India, Incredible India
  • I Love India, Celebrate India
    • New content every year
    • Unique & engaging
    • Guaranteed fun & learning
    • Performance every Friday
  • Hindi in Mornings & Culture in Afternoons
    • Customized Hindi mornings
    • Interactive & creative activities
  • Choose 1 or more camps (6 - 7 camps)
  • Multiple age groups, each with age appropriate content each week
  • No content is repeated. For e.g. "I Love India I" is different from "I Love India II" etc.


Camp 1: June 3 - 7 : Palo Alto : Ancient India I

Camp 2: June 10 - 14 : Palo Alto : I love India I

Camp 3: June 24 - 28 : Palo Alto : Celebrate India I

Camp 4: July 8 - 12 : Palo Alto : Incredible India I

Camp 5: July 15 - 19 : Palo Alto : Amazing India I

Camp 6: July 22 - 26 : Palo Alto : I love India II


Camp 1: June 3 - 7 : Santa Clara : Ancient India I

Camp 2: June 10 - 14 : Santa Clara : I love India I

Camp 3: June 24 - 28 : Santa Clara : Celebrate India I

Camp 4: July 8 - 12 : Santa Clara : Incredible India I

Camp 5: July 15 - 19 : Santa Clara : Amazing India I

Camp 6: July 22 - 26 : Santa Clara : I love India II

Camp 7: July 29 - Aug 2 : Santa Clara : Celebrate India II


Camp 1: June 15 - 19 : Fremont: Celebrate India

Camp 2: June 22 - 26 : Fremont : Incredible India

Pricing and Discounts

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Camp Jano India Pricing

2023 (per camp, per child)

Camp Hours 9:30am- 4:00pm (Dropoff starts at 9:15am; Pickup ends at 4:15pm)
(Additional Pre-care and Post-care is below).

Pricing & discounts are based on number of kids being enrolled and number of camps chosen. Enrollments (and transfers) will close Saturday 12noon every week for the following week.

Price applicable for each enrollment will be dependent on the date of payment irrespective of whether they had enrolled prior for camps.

Very Early Bird Pricing Eary Bird Pricing Regular Pricing
# of kids & # of camps Jan 1 - Apr 15 On April 16 On June 1
1Kid & 1+ Camps $470 $490 $510
1Kid & 4+ Camps $450 $470 $490
2+Kids & 1+ Camps $460 $480 $500
2+Kids & 4+ Camps $440 $460 $480

Pre-Care and Post-Care

Pre-care 8:00- 9:15am

$60/Pre-care for one camp per child

Post-care 4:15- 6:00pm

$60/Post-care for one camp per child

Both Pre-care & Post-Care (15 hrs/week)

$100/camp per child (Pre-Care & Post-Care)

Additional Pre-care (onsite signup)

$20/Pre-care per day per child

Additional Post-Care (onsite signup)

$20/Post-care per day per child

Late Pickup after 4:15pm or Early Dropoff before 9:15am

$3 per min per child with max of $30

Late Pickup after 6:05pm

$5 per min per child

Cancellations and Transfers

Please Email request to

No cancellation/refunds after June 1

Cancellation fee before May15

$25 per child per camp

Cancellation fee before June 1

$50 per child per camp

Pre/Post Care Cancellation fee before June 1

No Charge

Pre/Post Care Cancellation fee after June 1

$25 per child per camp

Transfer between Camps before June 1

No Charge - space permitting

Transfer between Camps (same site or between sites) by Saturday 12noon after June 1

$25 per child per camp - space permitting


Extremely Easy & Secure Registration

  • Create one Account per family
  • Add child(called Participant) to this account
  • Add as many Camps (called programs)& optional pre-care, post-care all in one screen for this child
  • Optionally, Add second child and their camp choices now
  • Pay for all children by any major credit card! That's all!
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My daughter really loved this camp. She is more interested in learning Hindi. She is also proud to be from India. She is now interested in learning more about India.


Avi really enjoyed coming to the camp. He enjoyed numerous activities such as making Indian food, learning national anthem (Indian). He also learned all the major colors in one day, which was amazing

Dhriti Singhal

My daughter's first experience in an Indian school was fun. She learned a lot but mostly became familiar with the sound of Hindi which is a great catalyst for us to continue her practice at home.

Sunita Vasudeva

A wonderful exposure to Indian culture in a fun and engaging way. Very well organized and the teachers are amazing with the kids. They made sure all the kids were engaged and learning. My kids were very happy and already excited to come back next year.

Jaya Gummalam

This is our first week in Camp Jano India. We are very happy with this camp. My son enjoyed his stay a lot. He was very happy to learn the Indian National Anthem, write his name in Hindi, perform in a Hindi play and make new friends. We highly recommend this camp to everyone and hope in the coming years we would have something similar in the Fremont area as well.

Sandeep & Chetna

Great Camp. My daughter has been very excited for months now. The camp exceeded her expectations. She seems to have had fun and learned a few things about India along the way.


At first my son was not happy at having to go to Hindi Camp during his vacation! But at the end of the 1st day I could tell he had enjoyed himself (even though he had had a bicycle accident the previous day & his injuries were bothering him) By the end of the week he was wanting to enroll for an additional week! He learnt a lot during the camp. I had tried to teach him Hindi alphabets in the past but eventually gave up as he wasn't interested. This week appears to have ignited some interest in learning Hindi (perhaps the company of other kids like him helped and the wonderful teachers!) in Aadi. I look forward to more weeks of learning & fun for him this summer in Jano India camp.


Great camp. Kids learnt a lot about India especially Hindi language. Kids really remember what they learnt here. Kids love this camp.


Very impressed with all that the kids learnt in one week. My kids went from no Hindi to singing Jana Gana Mana! Am going to sign up for this camp every summer.

Ruchika Chopra

Once again Jano India Camp did it. Very personal touch and wonderful coaching. We are a big fan. Looking forward to the next week now. Excellent camp; Good experiment to introduce kids to Indian culture, National language & customs/history.


My child (son) greatly enjoyed the camp. He made friends learned Hindi and Indian culture. He can't wait to come back next week! Thank you to all the great and dedicated teachers.


Good job by the camp's teachers and the administration. Kids love to come to Jano India. Good learnings (culture, language) about India. Great effort by teachers.

Mahesh Kondla

Excellent! Kids learnt a lot in a week. Camp surpassed my expectation. I'll surely send my kid again and refer to other parents. Thank you!! The performance was a great idea.

Alka Thulwani

Good shows – Amazing. Kids did amazing job. Teachers have taught so much in 5 days.


Thanks for the great experience that my daughter had at Jano India camp. The teachers were very cooperative with our erratic schedule this week. Ira loved making new friends and experiencing India in a true sense. Thanks again.

Priya Chandraker

This is a wonderful camp which connects children with our great culture and would really recommend this camp.


My kids don't speak a single word of Hindi at home. It was amazing to watch them sing and perform in Hindi after attending one week of this camp. The teachers have done a great job persuading the kids to be part of the camp and its theme.


Camp Jano India is a fabulous way to introduce kids to the rich culture of India. The camp uses innovative ways to keep kids engaged. Highly recommended for kids of all ages. My son is speaking a lot more Hindi than before the camp

Shiva K

This is our first time enrolling our kids in the Jano India Camp. The first day before dropping the kids were telling they were not very enthusiastic to go, but at the end of the first day when I picked them up, they said they loved the camp. I am really happy at the speed they have learnt the Indian language, info about cities, different food, and performing an amazing show. I will definitely recommend the camp to my other friends.


I had heard very good things about camp Jano India and now I can say "Yes, It is indeed a very good camp." My 8 year old learn about the four major cities and could sing Tvamey Mata and Saare Jahaan se Achcha. The feeling is amazing to describe the joy of seeing her do all this. Thank you so much Jano India!

Nisha Shah

This week of Incredible India was really great. Our daughter really enjoyed learning Hindi & about India in a fun manner. She learned about making foods from different parts of India. She also learned four metro cities.


My son enjoyed the Jano India Camp. This was his first time. What made me hold my breath is one morning he wrote his name in Hindi. Jano India did an excellent job in helping my son take his first step to learning Hindi in a fun filled way. Thank you & we will see you soon


The girls had a wonder time and have been trying to converse Hindi when they come back home.


Great job teachers. Kids have learned lot of Hindi and India. She was excited to come here and enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks and keep it up.J ano India was an excellent foundation for my daughter. She learned an incredible amount in just one short week – almost as good as visiting India itself!


I've been suitably impressed by their ability to handle mixed age groups and mixed-level groups and keep the curriculum fresh and engaging. My daughter came home from her first class knowing how to write her name in Hindi and the Hindi club at her school has become somewhat of a poster-child for other language after-school programs. I showed her workbooks to my mom and cousin from Canada and they were very impressed – and these are people who teach extra-curricular Hindi programs in Ottawa/Toronto respectively. My husband and I would be very strong advocates/supporters of bringing this team in.

–Charu Gupta

My daughter enjoyed learning Hindi here.


Amazing Camp. Very well organized and lot of relevant info taught in camp. My daughter enjoyed a lot.


One more wonderful week of learning with ton of enjoyment. Thank you team Jano India!

Nisha Shah

My daughter had great time during this week. She gained quite a bit of knowledge about India Gems and Stamps. Rutvi enjoyed this week and would love to come back soon! Thank you Jano India!


This was a wonderful week for kids. My kids learnt a lot about writing letters in Hindi and about stamps.


Excellent program. My son is enjoying the camp – He even asked me to enroll him for an additional week! In addition he is making more effort to speak in Hindi with me at home. Excellent teachers and great camp.


My son learnt a lot about Holi and Janmashtami. He could narrate the full story of Holika well. The holi playing was a lot of fun too. Highly recommend Jano India Camp. The best way to learn about India, culture and history!


Sanchet loves every bit of the camp. Please start something in Fremont area. He would love to come back.


Camp Jano India has been an amazing experience for my 5 ½ year old. He has learnt how to write his name in Hindi, learnt his alphabets. He had a great time making new friends and celebrating Holi with them. He definitely is going to continue learning Hindi at Jano Hindi and coming back to Camp Jano India in 2015. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers.

Priya Khanna

My daughter attended Jano India for 2 weeks and she had so much fun. I was surprised to hear from her the amount of Hindi that she learnt in 2 weeks. Teachers were very nice and accommodating and were considerate towards every minute detail. I would be sending to more of the camps in coming weeks.

Kalpana Hari

My kids enjoyed playing holi. My son who did not know any Hindi prior to this camp was able to participate in a play. He wants to learn Hindi now.


Great Camp. Kids enjoyed the Holi celebration and Hindi Mythology stories. Great to see everyone perform Hindi skit on stage.

Manohar Chandrasekhar

Nicely done! For our non-Hindi speaking son. It was a great way to develop interest in Indian culture and language. The play at the end was adorable and slickly done. Thank you teachers for all your hard work!


The camp keeps children engaged throughout with a wide variety of activities. My daughter's Hindi vocabulary went up from 0 to about 30 words in a week! Awesome job Jano India !!


Fantastic Camp! Kids learnt something new every day. They brought back quite a few things. The amount of things they learnt was simply amazing.

Suresh Bala

Young Group

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