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Jano Hindi Testimonials

Thank you very much for the class. Your style is working very well with Kavya and I am really impressed by the amount of Hindi (oral and writing) that Kavya has picked up.


This is a great program and well organized. You are offering in my daughter’s school Stratford (thank you for that) and I will be enrolling her there. She enjoyed Jano India camp this summer. I am sure she will learn and have fun in Jano Hindi as well. I noticed that you are giving away uniquely designed Diya sticker sheets. May I ask if they will be offered to your students in the schools too? Keep up your great work!

– Akila

Thank you so much for organizing the Jano Hindi Bee. It was our 1st time experience of USHF. It was very nicely presented and operated. I would like to let you know that my daughter in 4th level now will not be participating in the summer camp since we have other commitments to full fill. My daughter’s teacher is extremely amazing and full of enthusiasm. She encourages her students very positively. We are even satisfied with having her as Hindi teacher. Thank you very much.


The Jano Hindi Bee competition was very nicely organized. For the first time, it was really a good arrangement. Apart from the last minute addition of text book words to the contest, which caused a lot of parent’s anxiety including mine, I think I am very happy with organization.


I am grateful to Jano Hindi and its teachers and applaud their effort in teaching our kids Hindi. I can’t Thank you all enough for all that you are doing. I am from northern part of India and my mother tongue is Hindi, but even with that background it was next to impossible for me to teach my daughter Hindi and make her speak in Hindi at home. Ruchita might remember me, I have bothered her no. of times regarding Hindi classes at Stratford School Sunnyvale campus and never took no for an answer when it came to start or carry on after school class in Stratford, that desperate I was for teaching her Hindi. All the effort at home were going in vain and even day to day speaking was a challenge. Thanks to all the great and committed teachers she had over last 4 years it became easy for me to reinforce everything at home. She is in level 4 now, and although still not there where I would like her to be but certainly a work in progress. Jano Hindi Bee helped immensely in this goal, learning the meaning of 300 basic words and making sentences put her on fast track and gave her the required push to get going. Thanks again for that.


Your organization has provided a wonderful class for our students who have attended with enthusiasm. I appreciate the consistency and reliability of your teacher, and the professional team and program she is supported by. We look forward to the next school term and having you back to continue to provide Hindi for our students!!!

–Wanda Whitehead, Principal, Casa di Mir, San Jose, CA

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Also, I must compliment you on teaching abilities. Arnav is loving the class and is even making an effort to speak in Hindi at home which we could not achieve till before your class. So Thank you again!


Dear Friends Please avail of this excellent opportunity to spread our culture via the rich Hindi language, both in our neighborhood as well as other prominent cities around us. Our local Evergreen schools are now offering Hindi lessons at various levels, various ages, as after-school enrichment program. Kids learn a new language at a comfortable pace and in a fun way with little treats offered for good work, class size is small enough for individual attention (if needed), students are challenged regularly via class tests and yearly Hindi Bee, teachers go an extra mile to keep the parents informed, and lesson plan is formatted to suit the kids being raised outside of India. Please sign up your kids online based on various Levels offered. Please do help spread the word! Thanks for your attention!


Thank you for being Robert’s Hindi teacher last year. As a parent, I would say this is a wonderful program for kids to maintain their language. Robert likes it a lot. He met friends and liked to be in a relax environment. He has learned how to read and some Hindi grammar which is important. He has no hesitation of going back to Hindi school, except we had to move. This is a low cost and meaningful program. I would strongly recommend to others to join. The teacher is very encouraging. You are such a wonderful teacher. Robert likes your teaching and supporting . He never got frustrated in learning from your class. I wish I had known this school earlier. Thank you very much.

– Meiling

I am sure all parents would feel the same, but from us, thanks a lot for helping our son with the hindi lessons. Its tough for these kids to pick up on the language while being so overloaded with all the other work and activities they are involved in, but the pace and reviews with which this class was handled made it a lot easier and fun for him and for us.


When I initially enrolled our son for Hindi classes I had doubts whether he will be able to read/write a new language within first year. But to our surprise he has really picked up a lot this year considering that Hindi is not the spoken language at home. I think all credit goes to you . We are really happy with your teaching and I would recommend it to our friends.


I am really happy to send my kids to USHA Hindi class. Their teacher is very committed to teach Hindi to kids and teaches a great curriculum in fun environment. It is conveniently offered in school as an after school program. My kids are improving their Hindi language skills and I am very happy. They also enjoy Hindi movies with us. I will continue to send my kids to Hindi class.


I am definitley planning on enrolling Shyon next year as well. He has learnt a lot. I am really thankful to you and to the other teachers involved who made his experience very positive. I always find him looking forward to the class and I have never heard him complain about the Hindi home-work. For some reason he will happily choose Hindi homework over reading or writing English!

– Arundhuti

We really enjoyed having you as the Hindi teacher for this year. I have actually seen progress in Anirudh this year and what a way to start for Abhinav! Wish you could continue for next year too. Will really miss you. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher to my kids this year!


USHA has broken down learning Hindi into easy to understand and apply techniques. They have developed very helpful tools that are effective for both hindi and non-hindi speakers. The pace is adjusted according to the level of the students in the class. The teacher is amazing and gives a lot of personal attention to each kid. My daughter’s class has quickly moved in a few months from learning the sounds to writing words. I am sure if we continue with USHA consistently, my daughter will be able to read and write Hindi fluently in a couple of years.


Always wanted to thank you for the marvelous ‘Holi’ project you did in Hindi Class. Students were able to read and understand the significance of the Holi festival (which was printed in English).’Holi ke geet’ was such a festive song -kids were not only having fun while singing it but also they were becoming more fluent with the use of the rhyming words. Other activities which included Holi related words and of course naming of the different colors in Hindi (as Holi being the festival of color!) was great too.. And last but not the least, my kid who is in Level 2, very much enjoyed making his hand print on the paper using color paint. He truly felt to be part of the Holi celebration and so did we ..Thankyou for all your support in making kids learn their own heritage and culture but in a fun way.


Just wanted to let you know that our daughter is really enjoying her Hindi lessons and is very excited to tell us all about it every Thursday. Yesterday, she told us she’ll try and reply back to us in Hindi substituting with English words for those she doesn’t know. Thank you for creating the interest and making learning a fun process.


I wanted to share our Hindi class experience with you. My son is having the best time in USHA’s Hindi class at Stratford. The teacher is great at teaching and interestingly draws in kids to converse in Hindi. She is also a wonderfully warm person and can connect with the kids. It is amazing to see how enthused the whole class is during the lesson. I see everyone participating and enjoying the Hindi lesson.


Last week our son brought home the “Holi” project. It was excellent. I saved it in his keepsake folder so I can show him for years to come. Thank you and I appreciate you taking the extra step in making the kids learn hindi in a better and more fun way.

– Devitha

It was really great idea to do the holi festival activity in class. The kids enjoyed it. Also they got to learn the history behind the celebration of the festival. It was nice to hear the story of holi from my kid when he came home. This will surely make our kids familiar with our Indian culture & tradition. I would suggest that you should do such activities for all our Indian festivals like Diwali, Ganesh chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Dassera, Navrathri, sankranti…etc Thanks once again !!!

–Aarti Jadhav

My daughter, who is almost 3, loves her Hindi teacher and listens to her. USHA’s formal yet gentle class structure has piqued my daughter’s curiosity about India and Hindi language more than community/social activities did. I appreciate our teacher’s efforts and sincerity, and I recommend her to anyone who wants their children to be more familiar with India and Hindi. I believe this class helped my daughter feel more comfortable with her relatives and her cultural background during our recent visit to India.

–Dyuti Ganjoo

I am simply amazed to see my son’s improvement in such a little time. Being a working Mom I used to get hardly enough time to help him even with his homework.I give full credit to his teacher. She was very helpful, understanding and friendly. Within 2-3 classes my son started taking interest in learning new words. Just like English alphabets, he started practicing Hindi alphabets all by himself. From absolutely no knowledge about Hindi alphabets, today he is trying to spell Hindi words. I am looking forward to send him to next level. Thanks.


My son enjoyed his classes very much. I was amazed when he was reading words fluently by the end of the year. He is also showing interest in speaking to us in Hindi and is less shy about trying out words. He enjoyed learning the poems. We look forward to sending him back next year for the Level 2 classes. Thanks for everything!

–Saras Venkatram

My 8-year old went to the after school Level 1 USHA program. The teacher made sure it was fun but also ensured that my son learnt what was necessary. The USHA materials are engaging and of very high quality. My son loved the classes. He wants to return next year!

–Latha Sundher

Our daughter attended the first level of Hindi Language learning from Curtner school. For her it was learning a new language in an enjoyable way. We are very happy with the curriculum and the way teacher interacts with the students. The weekly homework was a simple but useful exercisefor a 3rd grade student to get start with Hindi . The follow up by the teacher for homework, when kids miss a class etc are great.

–Sasi kumar

Having Hindi classes brought right into the school campus has been a HUGE bonus to us. The curriculum is well thought out and delivered in a fun way that kids enjoy. My daughter looks forward to her Meenakshi Auntie’s classes every week. I am hoping USHA will continue offering classes at Stratford next school year as well. I would not mind a class that is either longer in duration or classes offered twice a week.

–Preeti Gupta

I was very happy with the program. In a very short time, my daughter was comfortable with the language and the teacher’s encouraging style gave her the much needed confidence. I will strongly recommend the program.

– Madhu Chatterjee

We are very happy with our daughter’s progress this year and wanted to recommend our teacher for her teaching style and innovation. She puts a lot of effort to make class interesting and keep students engaged. She has a good balance of kindness and firmness during her interaction with students. Kids are motivated to move towards “do it yourself”. Hope my daughter in 3rd level has a similar experience next year.

– Preeti agrawal

“I was very happy with Level 2 and Level 3 course curriculum and the teacher’s commitment to teaching Hindi to our kids at Warm Springs. The classes are held regularly every week without fail and the teachers do very good job of meeting kids’ individual needs. I like that the classes are held in school after school so kids do not have to travel separately for them, it saves time for us too.”

–Deepika Trivedi

The material you provide are awesome … much better than what I expected to see for Hindi in the USA !

–Ashlesha Rai

Having visited India on two separate occasions, I have a great fascination with this nation. As language may be considered the gateway to culture, I have embarked on a journey to learn Hindi in hope of gaining a deeper knowledge of this land. As a fluent English and Chinese speaker, I am attuned to the generalities and intricacies within a language, whether in formal or colloquial, written or spoken form; they give insight into the people and the way they live and relate to one another. My goals for learning Hindi is to communicate fluently with a native speaker, to build relationships with Indians, to read literature and current events, to watch Bollywood films without subtitles, to travel around India with comprehension of spoken and written Hindi, and to work alongside Indians on design projects. Through the USHA course, my teacher Manju has led me through beginning Hindi with competence, patience, and diligence, and has also provided a plethora of audio/visual/web resources. We have discussed a variety of topics including food, holidays, music, poetry, history, and others sparked by the contents of each Hindi lesson. I have most enjoyed learning the beautiful script of the Devanagari alphabet, then assembling letters into words, and words into sentences. Fluency in a language could very well be a lifelong endeavor. With the groundwork laid for me through this course, along with continual education, practice and consistency, I will continue to work toward this aspiration.

– Esther, Oakland, CA