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Compare Jano India

Jano Hindi Classes Advantage Other Hindi Classes
Children start speaking from Day 1 and will continue to make huge progress in speaking Weak spoken Hindi
Children are comfortable in interacting in Hindi Not comfortable
Main focus is on Spoken Hindi with lots of speaking practice Average to Non-existent
Unparalleled Books: Children love them so much that they will do on their own! Average
Unique, engaging game or activity in each class Average
Structured and well-designed content Average
High Energy, Creative, Interactive, Fun Environment Average to Nonexistent
Unparalleled teacher resources: Games, Puzzles, Manipulatives, Story Books etc. None
Regular staff development seminars None
Professional, trained and salaried Jano Hindi Staff Possibly staffed by volunteers
Jano Hindi Bee (speak/read/write) Participation None
Jano Hindi medals and certificates for each Level None
Mid-year & year-end evaluations to guide the parents None
Designed for kids attending American school system Usually designed for kids in Indian school system
Unique Bonus for each kid on first day of class None
Very large number of convenient locations Usually only one site
Unparalleled Pricing for the quality of classes Higher pricing with less engaging class or lower price with less than desired quality of program and books
Safe, Secure & Easy Online Registration None
Excellent Customer Service Average
Established since 2006 Varying and typically later
Curriculum in use since 2000 None