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Camp Jano India Theme: Celebrate India

  • Explore India, the land of infinite festivals!
  • Understand the legends behind each one
  • Celebrate them as if they were happening
  • Related art, drama, cuisine, games and culture
  • Theatre in Hindi makes all knowledge come alive!

Testimonials from Parents of CelebrateIndia Theme Camps

The camp was a wonderful introduction to how ‘cool’ learning Hindi can be for our kids in the US. In just a single week I could see improvement in my son’s pronunciation of Hindi words. He camp’s various themes weaves in stories about India and its people which made Jano India more than just a Hindi camp. Kudos to USHF.

–Hitesh Anand

Thank you for teaching my daughter about all famous people and various food and cultural activities.


I was very impressed with Jano India. Our son had a great time learning Hindi, doing arts &crafts, cooking Indian snacks and learning about Indian leaders. The teacher to student ratio was good. The teachers and assistance were very caring & enjoy working with kids.

–Mallika Thoppay

I would like to thank the group camp that giving all the information about great people in India. The kids learn about the culture and language. It is a wonderful feeling that they learnt about their parents’ culture.

–Mangala Singh

I got a post card from Jano India 2 years ago. Nothing pops out as absolutely changing, hoping that notes about Indian leaders can be taken and remembered.


This was my son’s first week in the camp. He really enjoyed it. It was very informative for him. It encouraged him to learn more Hindi. He is going to come for next 2 weeks. Kudos to USHF


We are completely new to this summer program. My kid is very new to Hindi too. She really enjoyed this camp. I think she learnt something about India too. She said that they were making yummy and healthy recipes too. I hope we will continue next year this camp.

–Kreethika (Anushree’s mom)

An excellent camp!! My daughter not only learnt so much about India and Hindi language but most of all she had fun while at it. The hard work of teachers shows in the Friday presentation they do. Highly recommended! Shreya had a great time. She talked about the games she played & her teachers. She is also more open to talking in Hindi.

–(Camp Parent)

She had a lot of fun in the class. She was able to pick up a lot of Hindi words and phrases during the week. It was a very useful camp.

–Soumitra Ghosh

This is Rohan’s 2nd year at Jano India. It’s refreshing to see how hard the teachers work to keep the level of education/fun high. Thanks to you guys Rohan picked up many cultural aspects about Indian culture.

–Rohan Kondepudy

Suchita has shown tremendous improvements in her Hindi learning since past 3-4 weeks that she has been at Jano India Camp. The songs and material they learn is interesting and fun. I’m thankful for Jano India for helping my daughter learn Indian culture better.


The Jano India by USHF is a wonderful effort. Children are learning a lot about India which we are not able to teach at home ourselves. It is commendable and worth appreciating. Good show!! Keep it up!! Volunteers are doing an awesome job. Thanks a lot!


We wanted a camp where both kids could start learning Hindi. At Jano India summer camp they have made good progress on that. Learning poems, letters, plays in Hindi . It has got kids excited about the Hindi. Learning facts about India came as a bonus.

–Camp Parent