What the kids have to say!

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I think the camp Jano India is awesome because we get to do lots of arts and crafts and learn Hindi in a creative way. But I think you should not make the slide shows so long. I think the recesses are AWESOME!

I think this was a great camp. I think that this is the best week of the summer. I also made a lot of friends. I loved this camp.

I like the camp because it was fun. When I am testing, it makes it fun!
Fun! I liked when we made foam puzzles.

I think this camp is a very fun camp. You lean a new language and have lots of fun activities. I think this is a great camp! It is great!
— Neel

Camp Jano India is really really fun. We learned the national anthem and learned how to write in Hindi. We also did a lot of projects like cooking and making tie-dye shirts. In renal cheap lasix hepatic impairment. I think this is a great camp.
—Swaraga Bharadwaj

I think this is a very fun camp, because we do lots of projects that include hindi lessons. I would recommend it to young hindi learners

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