USHA teachers attend ACTFL workshops in Los Altos.

Most recently, our teachers had the opportunity to attend Buy paroxetine online American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) classes in Los Altos, and while it was a terrific experience for all, this is not the only chance theya??ll have to take this specialized training. There are many more training opportunities waiting for them in the future!

All our teachers have the opportunity to have additional training through the ACTFL, which supports and trains teachers in all foreign languages. ACTFL classes are taught by linguistics professors through tested methods for teaching students of all ages. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers of foreign languages everywhere, but especially for ours. We are always looking for more intensive training for them, so we can always continue to offer our students the highest level of education.

With more training, wea??ve found our teachers not only improve their skills but also feel better about themselves as professionals. We love energetic and enthusiastic teachers. This is one way we can help keep our teachers happy and motivated. In fact, as one of our teachers, you may be paid to train.

For more information about ongoing training opportunities visit zovirax pills. or contact our director at

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