USHA contributes to silent auctions at public schools and community organizations!

According to our school’s director, Ruchita Parat, giving to local public schools and charitable organizations is important when fostering good community relations.

a??We all live in a very connected world,” says Parat. “I have learned a lot in my life and from many people. We as individuals are very interdependent. If I dona??t share my expertise, I am not doing anything worthwhile in my life. That is why it is very important to give back to the community when we can. This giving is a basic precept of the Indian Culture. We believe strongly in giving back and sharing knowledge.a??

Our teachers alsp are wonderful people, not just because they love their profession and are good teachers, but also because they contribute to the community and tell me that they feel great about it. What they are learning goes beyond the classroom. They are learning that they play a larger role in the communitya?? not just on a local level but rather a global level.”

Parat says the school donates gift certificates, offers discounts to the schoola??s summer camps and more to several public schools and local charitable groups in the Bay Area.

For more information contact our director at Where to purchase lotrisone cream bystolic shortage 2014.

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