Parent comments!

onlainfilmi. Purchase endep drug Thank you for bringing India alive for my 5 year old and help my 12 year old get an outlet for his thirst for knowledge about India and all things Indian and all in a fun, entertaining environment. Thank you for showing my kids MY INDIA !
—- Vasudha

Ushaa??s Jano India camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about their India culture and heritage. The teachers are wonderful and make learning about India fun. We will definitely have our kids attend camps in future years. Many heartfelt thanks!

Our daughter really enjoyed attending Camp Jano India. Thank you so much for it. We also liked the camp.

Camp Jano India curriculum was very good for ous son. He learned a lot in just 5 days! What was impressive was that he learnd the national anthem by heart as well! Overall it exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds !

My daughter Ayesha loved this camp! Very informative ! She learned a lot within 5 days. Its wonderful to be able to connect to your roots!
Great staff too.

This camp was a very motivation experience for my kids. They learned a lot and had fun ! They were excited to attend every day. We would enroll again!

Our son liked the camp very much. He has started to talk in Hindi! He can even read a little Hindi!
—- Husnain

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