Jano Hindi Bee 2013

imagesLast Sunday while gazing through the farmers market I stumbled upon a booth with Vivekananda’s picture on it. Moreover the text ‘Bee’ caught my attention. Being an active member of ‘Jano Bee’ I was curious to find out more and to my utter amazement it turned out to be a ‘Vedanta Bee’. While discussing about their concept, I was introduced to one of the organizers and I found out his daughter was studying Hindi in one of our Hindi classes. What a small world!! The father was very excited about this year’s ‘Jano Hindi Bee’ competition and was happy about the changes in the structure of the competition. I always feel motivated whenever i meet enthusiastic parents like this.

On my way back, I was drawn to the memory lane of last year’s Jano Bee Competition and how we have come a long way. The idea of Hindi Bee sprouted form the constant persuasion of parents to involve more conversation in our classes. We knew that understanding the meaning of what we speak is a major part of conversation and kids here are not exposed to Hindi as much as English & Spanish. Finally we zeroed upon the idea of building their vocabulary. In lower levels they would only learn meanings of the Hindi words and moving forward in higher levels they will keep on building vocabulary as well as start using those words in meaningful sentences. Which definitely makes more sense as then the whole platform of making sentences and using those words anywhere is available rather than just learning a bunch of conversation sentences. Hence, Jano Hindi Bee came into existence in 2012.


Welcome Speech Jano Bee 2012

The best thing about past is, after passing by it gives us a chance to improve. Constant improvement is very important for any kind of growth be it personal, organizational or spiritual. Despite of having a great response during ‘Jano Hindi Bee 2012’ we saw there is a lot of room for improvement.

LOCATION: We decided to change our Bee location to a school so that we have a big area. We couldn’t think of a better place than our summer camp location Scott Lane Elementary School, Santa Clara. Location change will give us the freedom to conduct the competition in separate rooms for each group of 10-12 contestants. It will provide ample seating area for parents watching the competition. Hopefully it will also give more serenity to the judges.

5 WORD ELIMINATION: We were not very excited about the 1 word elimination on the final day. It made us re-think our competition structure. A kid learning 200 vocabulary words is eliminated just because he/she does not know 1 meaning seemed unfair and heartbreaking to us. This ain’t a college entrance exam, our main idea is to help them

build their vocabulary and in the process have a healthy competition where they can rewarded for their endeavors. We decide to have ‘5 WORD ELIMINATION’ where kids will get 5 words in 5 turns and then based on the scores lowest scorer will be eliminated which our panel agreed to is fair.

A?TIE ROUNDS: Tenormin generic drug Believe it or not last year our final round for Div 1 with only 10 contestants went on for over anA?A? hour. The kids were sooo good!!! Hats DSC_7858off to them, their teachers and their parents. They knew the meanings of entire vocabulary words and all the tie words. At one point we were sure that we might have more than 3 winners. This was a huge learning for us and we removed the concept of giving the tie words to the kids. cheap atarax This year we have include reading and writing rounds respectively for Tie1 and Tie 2. The limitations of these rounds are base upon the level they are in their Hindi class. It fits perfect with our Hindi class curriculum as kids are learning the script in class.


Kids are busy preparing for the competition and we are just 7 weeks away from our ‘Jano Hindi Bee’- 2013, which is on Saturday, March 23rd. We await eagerly for the final Bee day, meanwhile we are keeping ourselves busy with finalizing all the minute details of the competition. Don’t forget to be there to cheer these young contestants in their process of mastering Hindi…


Left: Youngest Bee participant, 4.5 years old


The Perks


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