Let’s Explore India with Unique Themes

It has been warm for last two days, spring is already here and summer is eagerly waiting for it’s turn. I absolutely enjoy summer, as it’s all about ‘fun’ with so many colorful veggies, fruits, farmers market, summer vacations, beach trips, trips to farms loaded with colorful fruits, swimming & many more things to do. For me everything & every activity just screams …FUN… Kids have another name for fun during summer ‘SUMMER CAMPS‘ !! As summer is approaching parents are busy finding camps for their kids. I see my friends and colleagues looking at different options and try to fit the best ones in their schedules. All this effort in order to plan a summer filled with fun & knowledge for their little ones.

While growing up I was fortunate to live in different states of India like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, & Uttranchal. One thing that always amazes me about India is, that you travel just 500-1000miles and you can see such a vast change is language, food, spices, culture, art, historical monuments, mythological stories almost everything changes. It’s just amazing how much India has to offer.

Being in marketing, I take part in different community events & camp fairs during this season. I am always amazed to see such brilliant options out there for kids of all ages. Over the years we have always found a need for a camp where kids can reconnect with their Indian roots and have loads of fun while doing that. From there we got the idea idea to bring a unique camp ”JANO INDIA” for kids. We wanted kids living in United States to explore India and find out why India has been such a fascinating land for foreigners..

In order to take the children on a journey of India, our camps have been beautifully crafted into different themes. These themes touch different aspects that make Indian culture so rich & desirable. Each & every theme is creatively woven into a series of projects, art, craft & theatre to make the children truly appreciate India. As a bonus, each camp ends with a play in Hindi which has woven into it the various cultural elements for that week! The themes for this year are – Incredible India, Celebrate India & I love India.

Incredible India – Depicts historical and modern day monuments located in different states of India. We try and cover all parts of India so that children can relate to them. Mohanjodaro, Nalanda University, India Gate, Tajmahal, Meenakshi Temple, Belur Math to name a few. Along with that it covers physical dynamics of India located in that area such as important rivers, desserts and the great plains.

Celebrate India a?? Covers popular festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Onam, Durga Pooja etc. It also showcases how India being a land of such diverse cultures has embraced other cultures of the world. Children will be encouraged to recreate the ambiance of those special occasions and thus learn of their significance.

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I Love India – Covers famous Indian people like Gandhiji, Rajendra Prasad, Rani Lakshmibai, Shivaji, Indira Gandhi and other leaders. All coming from diverse yet simple backgrounds and going on to become such great icons. This unique camp has a fantastic way of inspiring children that they will experience once they are here.
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Try to find out who is the young boy who grew up to become such an iconic figure??

For any parent who want their kids to appreciate India and want to send them to a journey of India without booking air tickets, “CAMP JANO INDIA” is the way to go….. http://www.camperregsecure.com/eduhindilogin/index.php?cmd=ViewAll

Will write more about my experiences at this amazing Camp. Till then ‘phir milen-gay’……..

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