Hindi Class Celebrates Diwali

overseas pharmacies. Zestril 10 mg cost Diwali (also called Deepavali) is a wonderful five-day Hindi festival that is celebrated for different reasons throughout the year. The celebration is also known as the a??festival of lights.a?? This year, the teacher of our Cherry Chase class celebrated this cultural festival in a way wea??d like to recognize. She was very creative in using arts and crafts. What a great way to teach our children about the Hindi culture! Meenakshi did a terrific job and we thank her.

In the home, Indian families often celebrate the festival of lights by participating in traditional Hindi activities together, like playing games, singing songs and eating special foods and treats. The festival has different meanings to different Indian subcultures, each related to a very rich Indian history that many children have never learned about before.

The name a??Diwalia?? actually means a??row of lamps,a?? so the celebration involves the lighting of small clay lamps or “diyas” that are filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. order estrace Those celebrating traditionally wear new clothes and share homemade sweets and snacks with loved ones and friends.

The students of our Cherry Chase created special and colorful arts and crafts under the guidance of their teacher. The children had a lot of fun learning about the festival of lights.

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