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Kids speak! They want to continue Hindi!

The kids have given their feedback and here is what they say: – This was most fun in Hindi class: * Poems were most fun * Doing word searches * When someone said a sentence that made no sense * Getting prizes * Playing Bingo – This was least fun in Hindi Class: * Nothing […]

Pre-K kids reciting ‘Twinkle-Twinkle” in Hindi

I am teaching a class of Pre-K children this year and the experience has been amazing. It is very interesting and inspiring to see little kids engage in learning the language and trying to understand the Indian culture in the classroom. All the children in my classroom were very enthusiastic and open to the learning […]

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What our teachers say about their students?

What is the generic for estrace cream cheap cialis 5 mg prices. >>The students bring a lot of enthusiasm in the class with them. In this class they are not only learning the language but are also building everlasting friendships. >>For my Level 1 class, I have kids from all age groups. I have kids […]