Is it the Bridea??s Wedding or the Grooma??s? The Multi-Faceted Weddings of India

India is a country with a rich multicultural background. The country has possessed a very old civilization and one can find the followers of so many religions in this mysterious land. All the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis and Muslims live together and their integration has formulated a common Indian culture that is clearly visible in their weddings, movies and other local events.

In India both bride and groom are treated specially but still there are plenty of things that differentiate between the weddings of one community from other. Hindus begin their celebrations much before the real event. There are lots of in-house gatherings in both the bride and groom homes where guest sings different songs. These get-together are known as the a??Sangeeta??. One major step of Hindu wedding ceremony is a??Sapta-padia??, in which both the bride and groom take seven steps together around the fire. These seven steps represent seven different promises for their future life together.

The Muslim wedding ceremony contains practices that are subject to their traditions. a??Nikaha?? is the prime event can you get accutane in canada. of their wedding where both the bride and the groom accept the companionship of each other in front of two advocates and two witnesses. Their different pre and post wedding ceremonies include events of Mehndi, Manjha, Rukhsati, Valima and Chauthi.

Christians usually perform their weddings in the church, which is followed by a grand dinner. Cheap sominex alternative crossword In comparison with Hindus and Muslims the wedding ceremonies of other sects are much simpler. Although, there is one common thing in all the occasions and that is role of the family. India is a country with strong family values and family system. In this part of the world, normally parents decide the life partner for their children known as an a??arranged marriagea??.

According to latest estimates there are around 80% Hindus, 13.5% Muslims, 2.5% Christians and 1.9% Sikhs in India. Wedding is a costly event. Weddings in this country can be organized in one hundred thousand rupees or even billions of rupees.

There are some activities in the Indian wedding, which are not common in other regions of the world such as use of a female horse for the groom, firecrackers and many other local traditions which are very interesting and unique.