Adult enjoys Jano Hindi Classes

Having visited India on two separate occasions, I have a great fascination with this nation. As language may be considered the gateway to culture, I have embarked on a journey to learn Hindi in hope of gaining a deeper knowledge of this land.

As a fluent English and Chinese speaker, I am attuned to the generalities and intricacies within a language, whether in formal or colloquial, written or spoken form; they give insight into the people and the way they live and relate to one another.

My goals for learning Hindi is to communicate fluently with a native speaker, to build relationships with Indians, to read literature and current events, to watch Bollywood films without subtitles, to travel around India with comprehension of spoken and written Hindi, and to work alongside Indians on design projects.

Through the USHA course, my teacher Manju has led me through beginning Hindi with competence, patience, and diligence, and has also provided a plethora of audio/visual/web resources. acquire estrace We have discussed a variety of topics including food, holidays, music, poetry, history, and others sparked by the contents of each Hindi lesson. I have most enjoyed learning the beautiful script of the Devanagari alphabet, then assembling letters into words, and words into sentences.

Fluency in a language could very well be a lifelong endeavor. With the groundwork laid for me through this course, along with continual education, practice and consistency, I will continue to work toward this aspiration.
—Esther, Oakland, CA Where can i buy orlistat online pay pal pharmacy.