Los Altos class celebrates Republic Day

January 26 marked the 62 Bonnispaz sale nd is it safe to buy levitra on line. Republic Day for India this year. In celebration of this day, 75 of our classes took note with special activities and learning opportunities. The children had a great time learning more about the diverse cultural and religious heritage of India and what it means to be a Republic now and in the past.

In India, this day is filled with festivities and parades, song and plays. National flags are carried in the streets as the people come together with pride around their country and heritage. cheap valtrex Just as in the celebrations around our Independence Day here in the United States, the Indian Republic Day celebrates Indiaa??s independence to become a truly sovereign republic (officially January 26, 1950).

Hard work pays off -narANGee

It is great to see my students at Montclaire picking up so fast. I was stunned when I asked for a word having a??anga?? sound and one of my students from non-hindi background answered A?a??narangia??. Hard work surely pays off !!

Purchase deltasone 5 Instructor: Shipra (Montclaire, Cupertino)

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New Website – www.JanoIndia.com is here!

Desyrel no prescription We just launched the brand new www.JanoIndia.com. You can find information
and register very easily for all the Programs – Camp Jano India and Jano Hindi Classes.

Not only that there is an AWESOME Kids Corner with hours of captivating
games for the young learners of all levels!
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For adults – we have an informative and interesting Blog!

What our students say about Jano Hindi?

All students have enjoyed and loved all the aspects of the program whether it is
arts, crafts, games, puzzles, plays, cultural activities and even their workbooks
and textbooks!

Here is some of their written feedback:
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What our teachers say about their students?

What is the generic for estrace cream cheap cialis 5 mg prices. >>The students bring a lot of enthusiasm in the class with them. In this class they are not only learning the language but are also building everlasting friendships.

>>For my Level 1 class, I have kids from all age groups. I have kids from Kindergarten to the third grade and it is very interesting to see how each one of them gets connected with the language within their own capacity. My students love the material given by USHA, especially the jigsaw puzzles. They love to play the games, which are played especially to develop and practice the vowels and consonants. Buy purchase zoloft without a prescription from a pharmacy. There is always a race between them to win! It is pleasure to teach the students and bring them closer to Indian culture and heritage.

>>For my students, the USHA Hindi class is a window to Indian culture and values.

>>As a student they have many activities however, persistence & perseverance
are two words to describe my students when it comes to learn Hindi. I am
proud of them!

>>Aces! You all are right on the mark!

>>Marvelous! You all have made my year worth a while. This kind of work
and efforts can please anyone!

>>My students ROCK!!

USHA contributes to silent auctions at public schools and community organizations!

According to our school’s director, Ruchita Parat, giving to local public schools and charitable organizations is important when fostering good community relations.

a??We all live in a very connected world,” says Parat. “I have learned a lot in my life and from many people. We as individuals are very interdependent. If I dona??t share my expertise, I am not doing anything worthwhile in my life. That is why it is very important to give back to the community when we can. This giving is a basic precept of the Indian Culture. We believe strongly in giving back and sharing knowledge.a??

Our teachers alsp are wonderful people, not just because they love their profession and are good teachers, but also because they contribute to the community and tell me that they feel great about it. What they are learning goes beyond the classroom. They are learning that they play a larger role in the communitya?? not just on a local level but rather a global level.”

Parat says the school donates gift certificates, offers discounts to the schoola??s summer camps and more to several public schools and local charitable groups in the Bay Area.

For more information contact our director at Where to purchase lotrisone cream bystolic shortage 2014. director@eduhindi.com.

USHA sponsors events in the community. Join us for all of them!

articulo 22. We are part of your communitya?? a community that has given so much to us. You’ve helped us establish schools that offer interesting curriculum that helps us spread the word about our rich Indian culture and Hindi language. You’ve welcomed us and tell us every day how important you feel we are to your children. As such, we find ways to give back to this wonderful community. Whether this means sponsoring a dance or a marathon, we make sure that the things we do go back to you in one way or another.

We’ve sponsored many school events such as auctions, carnivals, walkathons, Diwali and Independence day events! In the bay areaa??s cultural community, we sponsor the Festival of Colors (HOLI) events hosted by Sankara Eye Foundation(SEF), local temples, ASHA Stanford Holi, Navaratri celebrations by VIBHA and more. atarax reviews For the athletic community, we sponsor the ASHA Spring Run, VIBHA DreamMile Run, Chinmaya Mission Om run and more similar ones.

When you see our school name on banners and/or booths, you know it’s our way of saying thank you to the community. We figure what’s good for us is also good for the community. Sometimes these events are run by non-profit agencies to support the poor in India. For example, some of our proceeds from our own fundraisers go to support a primary hospital in India. Others, go towards educating the underprivileged children in India.

Purchase haldol dosing This year, we will be proud sponsors of a huge list of event listed above. We’re donating 4,000 bags with goodies inside to the runners at the end of the various races! Look for USHA and Camp Jano India logo. We even have games with prizes at the booths. cheap zyban Be sure to join us for the run this year and help support the community. We will announce the date!

For more information about sponsorship opportunities and how we might help you for your fundraiser, contact our direct at director@eduhindi.com.

USHA completes FIVE years of teaching Jano Hindi classes in the greater Bay Area.

We love what we do and it shows. Since we opened our first school in 2006 our enrollment has continued growing. At our inception, we had just 10 teachers in 15 schools. Enrollment was low, with only 250 students.

Boy, have times changed, and we have you to thank for our growth.

We’ve expanded to having 50 schools, 36 teachers and 660 students! Based on numbers like these, our projections hold strong for the future. We have a lot of hope for our continued growth. It is our goal to provide unique instruction and diverse learning opportunities not just for children of Indian heritage, but also for all children across the United States.

With consistent additional learning opportunities for our teachers who can take advantage of specialized programs designed to expound upon their top-notch skills, we have no doubt that we are on the path to tremendous success and expansion. With a staff and volunteers like that we have to offer, how could we not succeed in our goals?

Be sure to check back often to keep up to date on everything we’re doing. Browse our site and see that we have more to offer beyond excellent educational classes for your children. We have learning games designed for at-home use, expanded learning opportunities for the summer months in Camp Jano India and a whole lot more.

Interested in registering your child in our school or camps? Visit our Registration page or contact our staff at Himalaya mentat online info@eduhindi.com is zeepharmacy legit. .

USHA featured in Mercury News!

We are very proud to share this news article with you about our school! Written by Alia Wilson and Matt Wilson, a??Sunnyvale, Cupertino children pick up new languages after schoola?? appeared in the Mercury News in February. Thank you, Alia and Matt, for doing such a wonderful job.

http://www.mercurynews.com/cupertino/ci_17222510?nclick_check=1 Mestinon price

The article is featured with several wonderful photographs of students hard at work, using their specialized learning materials. As additional therapy generic deltasone for short-term administration.

If you would like to interview us for a story you might be working on, please contact our director atA? director@eduhindi.com componenets of vpxl. .

USHA teachers attend ACTFL workshops in Los Altos.

Most recently, our teachers had the opportunity to attend Buy paroxetine online American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) classes in Los Altos, and while it was a terrific experience for all, this is not the only chance theya??ll have to take this specialized training. There are many more training opportunities waiting for them in the future!

All our teachers have the opportunity to have additional training through the ACTFL, which supports and trains teachers in all foreign languages. ACTFL classes are taught by linguistics professors through tested methods for teaching students of all ages. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers of foreign languages everywhere, but especially for ours. We are always looking for more intensive training for them, so we can always continue to offer our students the highest level of education.

With more training, wea??ve found our teachers not only improve their skills but also feel better about themselves as professionals. We love energetic and enthusiastic teachers. This is one way we can help keep our teachers happy and motivated. In fact, as one of our teachers, you may be paid to train.

For more information about ongoing training opportunities visit zovirax pills. www.ACTFL.org or contact our director at director@eduhindi.com.