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Camp Jano India Theme: Amazing India I & II

  • Discover scientific & mathematical achievements
  • Know famous literature and artistic contributions
  • Ancient and modern inventions &discoveries
  • Hands on science and math related activities
  • National Parks and national heritage
  • Related art, drama, cuisine, games and culture
  • Theatre in Hindi makes all knowledge come alive!
  • Week I is not a pre-requisite for Week II

Testimonials from Parents of Amazing India Theme Camps

The camp was a wonderful introduction to how ‘cool’ learning Hindi can be for our kids in the US. In just a single week I could see improvement in my son’s pronunciation of Hindi words. He camp’s various themes weaves in stories about India and it’s people which made Jano India more than just a Hindi camp. Kudos to USHF.

–Hitesh Anand

Thank you for teaching my daughter about all famous people and various food and cultural activities.


I was very impressed with Jano India. Our son had a great time learning Hindi, doing arts & crafts, cooking Indian snacks and learning about Indian leaders. The teacher to student ratio was good. The teachers and assistance were very caring & enjoy working with kids.

–Mallika Thoppay

I would like to thank the group camp that giving all the information about great people in India. The kids learn about the culture and language. It is a wonderful feeling that they learnt about their parents’ culture.

–Mangala Singh

We are glad to send Esha for the ‘Jano India’ camp. Esha has learnt a lot in just 2 weeks. She is excited to wake up early, just to come here. Esha has made new friends, learnt Hindi and the Indian festivals. A happy child = happy parent Keep on smiling with Jano India

–Sanjay Wanzakhade

Wonderful performance by the kids, especially with just 1 week of practice. Amazed to see how much they have learned in just one week and how much they have come to love India! Keep up the wonderful work and would love to come back!

–Shalini Parigi

Wonderful opportunity for non-Hindi speaking kids to learn nuances of the language and traditions/festivals of India. My son loved every day at this camp! Great teachers and staff.

–Aruna Iyer

Excellent camp my son Asteya has learned a lot in two weeks. We are planning to continue for remaining weeks. Every week Jano India has a program in the end – very well organized. I would recommend the camp any day.

–Sapna Gupta

It was a extremely good experience for my kids. A definite come back Keep on smiling with Jano India


We had a great experience at the Jano India camp. There is a good mix of learning and fun. My son had a great time doing the cooking activities, made friends and learned a lot about our culture. This camp is really enriching. Congratulations on a great effort by the teaching team. Thanks!!!


Thank you for a wonderful camp. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it and were very excited to share all the days happenings with us. They’ve also learnt so much over the last week it’s absolutely amazing. We wish we had signed them up for all the weeks. We will definitely be back next time.