The Saga of QutabMinar

Standing tall at a height of 72.5m, Qutub Minar with its very long history is the highest tower in Lincocin fiale costo cost of cialis per pill walmart. India and also one of its finest landmarks. There are different versions about the purpose for which it was built.The foundation was laid in 1199 byQutb-u’d-Din Aibak and he built the first storey. The other stories were built by his son in law and successor Shamsu’d-Din IItutmishbetween 1211 and 1236.There are inscriptions at the base of the minaret which say that Firoz Shah Tughlak added the last storey in 1368. Apart from that there are other Arabic inscriptions on the Qutub Minar depicting its history. One story goes that Qutub Minar was built as tower of victory to declare the might of Islam, while another view is that it might have been made as a tower of defence.The lower three storeys of the minaret are made mainly of red and buff sandstone and white marble is used in the top two stories.According to the inscriptions on its surface it was repaired by Firuz Shah Tughlaq (AD 1351-88) and Sikandar Lodi (AD 1489-1517) when the Minar received some damage because of earthquakes on more than a couple of occasions. It is recorded that Major R.Smith also undertook repairs and restored the minar in 1829.Seen from most parts of the city, the Qutub Minar Qutab Minar in Delhi is among the tallest and famous towers in the world.

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