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Camp Jano India Theme: Ancient India I & II

  • Discover life in Ancient India
  • Explore people and literature of Ancient India
  • Know great discoveries from long time ago
  • Related art, drama, cuisine, games and culture
  • Theatre in Hindi makes all knowledge come alive!
  • Both weeks have unique and different content
  • New and different topics are chosen each year!
  • The theme will always be fresh!
  • Brand New Content for 2020!

Testimonials from Parents of Ancient India Theme Camps

Andreas is now beginning to get settled in very well into his first week at Camp, and I am actually quite amazed at how many words of Hindi he has started uttering in just the last three days (he is usually quite good at learning to hear and understand a new language, but very reluctant to speak it). So kudos, your methods are working well. Sanjay will be joining next week, and we are really looking forward to it.


The Kids had a blast. I have never seen them so enthusiastic on learning Hindi. They actually convinced me to sign them for the next week camp.


This has been our third year. We are continuously impressed with the program and the progress our children make. They thoroughly enjoyed the program and looked forward to going every morning. Camp Jano India is very organized and professional.


What a fun and engaging way to learn about India – the language, the culture and even food. My 7 year old really enjoyed her week at camp and wished it was for longer. We will be back next summer.


I can’t say enough good things about this camp. My son Aadi really enjoyed and learnt a lot about India. His Hindi got improved. This is his second year in this camp and we are looking forward to attend next year again.


Camp Jano India is a wonderful camp where kids learn a lot about India in a fun and engaging way. The staff is the best – very loving and energetic. Our 2nd year with Camp Jano India and we are sure to come back.


Last day Drama & Yoga was excellent.


Great work and lots of fun. Kids loved the poem on Sachin Tendulkar. Niva was singing it every day. Proud that she can Jana Gana Mana.


My daughter had a great time at camp. I was impressed with how much the kids learnt in a week. I give them 5 out of 5.


It was an excellent camp, my daughter Riya really came out of her shell and felt comfortable speaking Hindi. Additionally she loved every bit of the camp. Teachers were very nice.


Excellent program!!! My child loved every minute of it. We would love to have her come for school year program.


Excellent camp. My daughter really loved it and learnt a lot about India. Very happy to have her here.


Amazing camp!! Good fun and Good learning.


In just a few days Avika has been singing songs and saying words in Hindi. She said this was her best summer camp so far. Great mix of fun and culture. Avika made friends and had a great time. Very friendly and caring teachers. We will be back.


Our daughter loves Jano India Camp (And So Do We). We wish this camp is available for more weeks. Great Staff, Great Themes, and Greet Management. We Wish you the very best.