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About Us

USHF Mission

U.S. Hindi Foundation (USHF) is a 501C3-registered, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and teaching Hindi in the United States since 2006.

USHF Philosophy

USHF believes that learning about Hindi language and culture can be fun for all children when taught under its guidelines. Children learn very quickly once they are given the right tools, right guidance and the right environment suitable for the subject. USHF goes to great lengths to design and develop enticing books, workbooks, manipulative and supplemental materials that offer the child better, faster learning capabilities. USHF is committed to providing the highest standard of teaching aides, student materials and learning tools. The association constantly improves and adds strategies and tools to make Hindi learning more fun and easy.

USHF Instructors

All USHF instructors are native Hindi language teachers, have the passion to teach Hindi and are very highly qualified and educated professionals. Some even earned their Bachelors and Masters in Hindi! Above all, our teachers are very dedicated to the support of Hindi in America. The Instructors are trained by USHF and have earned special national-level training from the premier language organization set up by the federal government – the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL). This gives a boost to their style of teaching, and they are familiar with the testing methodologies that are applicable for Hindi. When students become eligible to prepare for an exam by the LTI (Language Testing Institute), our instructors know how to prepare the children.

Programs and Services

  • Jano Hindi Program – After-school classes for all ages, children and adults
  • Camp Jano India – Summer camp incorporating all aspects of India and its culture
  • Jano Hindi (Local) – Franchise option for those interested in starting a Jano Hindi school in other cities/regions across America (call for more information)