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OC Jano Hindi Camp Registration


The camp was a wonderful introduction to how 'cool' learning Hindi can be for our kids in the US. In just a single week I could see improvement in my son's pronunciation of Hindi words. He camp's various themes weaves in stories about India and it's people which made Jano India more than just a Hindi camp. Kudos to USHF.

--Hitesh Anand

Thank you for teaching my daughter about all famous people and various food and cultural activities.


I was very impressed with Jano India. Our son had a great time learning Hindi, doing arts & crafts, cooking Indian snacks and learning about Indian leaders. The teacher to student ratio was good. The teachers and assistance were very caring & enjoy working with kids.


I would like to thank the group camp that giving all the information about great people in India. The kids learn about the culture and language. It is a wonderful feeling that they learnt about their parents' culture.

--Mangala Singh

We are glad to send Esha for the 'Jano India' camp. Esha has learnt a lot in just 2 weeks. She is excited to wake up early, just to come here. Esha has made new friends, learnt Hindi and the Indian festivals. A happy child = happy parent Keep on smiling with Jano India

--Sanjay Wanzakhade

Wonderful performance by the kids, especially with just 1 week of practice. Amazed to see how much they have learned in just one week and how much they have come to love India! Keep up the wonderful work and would love to come back!


Wonderful opportunity for non-Hindi speaking kids to learn nuances of the language and traditions/festivals of India. My son loved every day at this camp! Great teachers and staff.


Excellent camp my son Asteya has learned a lot in two weeks. We are planning to continue for remaining weeks. Every week Jano India has a program in the end – very well organized. I would recommend the camp any day.

--Sapna Gupta

It was a extremely good experience for my kids. A definite come back Keep on smiling with Jano India


We had a great experience at the Jano India camp. There is a good mix of learning and fun. My son had a great time doing the cooking activities, made friends and learned a lot about our culture. This camp is really enriching. Congratulations on a great effort by the teaching team. Thanks!!!


Thank you for a wonderful camp. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it and were very excited to share all the days happenings with us. They've also learnt so much over the last week it's absolutely amazing. We wish we had signed them up for all the weeks. We will definitely be back next time.

--Rajiv P

Thank you very much for the teachers and volunteers of USHF& Jano India for making my daughter’s summer so much fun and enjoyable. She loved learning Hindi and about India. Most importantly she made friends and got so much love from her wonderful teachers. The Jano India team is like a loving family for her. Thank you for everything!!

--Mary Manohar

Very informative, my kid is now starting to talk and sing songs in Hindi. He wants to come back to this camp. Very good camp to get kids started in Hindi

--Camp Parent

Aapkaa 'Jano India Camp' bahut hee prashansa poorn prayatna hai. Aaj kay karyakrum me in bachchon kee performance dekh kar bahut hee achchaa lagaa. Bachchay bahut kuchh seekh rahay hain apnay desh kay baaray mein. Bahut hee sarahaneeya!!


This was my son's first week in the camp. He really enjoyed it. It was very informative for him. It encouraged him to learn more Hindi. He is going to come for next 2 weeks. Kudos to USHF


We are completely new to this summer program. My kid is very new to Hindi too. She really enjoyed this camp. I think she learnt something about India too. She said that they were making yummy and healthy recipes too. I hope we will continue next year this camp.

--Kreethika (Anushree's mom)

An excellent camp!! My daughter not only learnt so much about India and Hindi language but most of all she had fun while at it. The hard work of teachers shows in the Friday presentation they do. Highly recommended!

--Camp Parent

Shreya had a great time. She talked about the games she played & her teachers. She is also more open to talking in Hindi.

--Camp Parent

She had a lot of fun in the class. She was able to pick up a lot of Hindi words and phrases during the week. It was a very useful camp.

--Soumitra Ghosh

This is Rohan's 2nd year at Jano India. It's refreshing to see how hard the teachers work to keep the level of education/fun high. Thanks to you guys Rohan picked up many cultural aspects about Indian culture.


Suchita has shown tremendous improvements in her Hindi learning since past 3-4 weeks that she has been at Jano India Camp. The songs and material they learn is interesting and fun. I'm thankful for Jano India for helping my daughter learn Indian culture better.


The Jano India is a wonderful effort. Children are learning a lot about India which we are not able to teach at home ourselves. It is commendable and worth appreciating. Good show!! Keep it up!! Volunteers are doing an awesome job. Thanks a lot!


We wanted a camp where both kids could start learning Hindi. At Jano India summer camp they have made good progress on that. Learning poems, letters, plays in Hindi. It has got kids excited about the Hindi. Learning facts about India came as a bonus.

--Camp Parent

This was our first time and my 6 year old loved it. She was super excited about singing and talking in Hindi. She enjoyed the cooking activity and art work projects. She is looking forward to spending another week at Camp Jano India.


Excellent organization, professionalism and very valuable exposure to kids towards Indian culture in the right approach. Keep it up.


My son had a great time in camp for both weeks that he attended. I was surprised at how much they learned in one week period. I would specially like to commend Miss Pallavi for an excellent teaching experience.


My kid really had an enjoyable week (5th) at the Camp Jano India. My son enjoyed playing Holi endeavor of Camp Jano India is really appreciable. My son got acquainted with so many incredible things about India. We are looking forward to come to this Camp next year too.


Maya enjoyed her second week of camp just as much as much as her first. She especially enjoyed playing Holi. She’s also excited to start Hindi classes with you this school year. Monticello Academy and she has already asked if she can do camp again next year.

--Laura Ghosh

This week topped my expectation once again. It is a moment of pride to hear my daughter recite VandeMataram and ask for watermelon in Hindi. Any number of India trips would not have given her the exposure and understanding of Indian festivals as this week/camp did in five days. We look forward to another fun – filled week next week.


My daughter has been coming almost every week. We love the cultural things she is learning. Lots of things which we knew as kids, but have forgotten over the years. In the end when she stands up and recites National Anthem is the most heart touching experience.


I'm grandfather of one of your students. Visiting from India. The way he has picked up Hindi speaking is really wonderful. The efforts by all the volunteers is commendable indeed. Great show. Keep it up.


Shalini really enjoyed Camp Jano India. This was her first week. She really enjoyed introduction to Hindi as well as the cooking activities. She wants to return back again.


My girls loved Camp Jano India so much that they have asked me to sign them up for another week.They really enjoyed Holi and they loved giving the performance to Friday. Thanks.

--Todd Lewis

My son Asteya is enrolled in Jano India Camp for 6 weeks. We are very Happy with the program. Very well designed with dedicated teachers. What I like most about it is it has exposed Asteya to many aspects of Indian culture. And above all Asteya loves the Camp and looks forward to coming to the Camp each day!

--Sapna Gupta

This is our first time with Jano India and kids really loved the camp.

--Camp Parent

This is our first time with Jano India and kids really love it. I wish this camp is in San Jose. Kids are ready to come back next year. We are very impressed that kids were able to put-up the play in such a short time. I am sure my kids have learnt a lot about our culture, which was our main intention of joining the camp;


This is Asteya's mom again Keep on smiling with Jano India. Today is the last day of the camp and we really wish the camp was another 2 weeks.Great work done by all the teachers & volunteers! My niece Sakshi volunteered and has very good things to say about it! Best wishes.


Thank you for the wonderful week. It was very satisfying to see our children learn about the country of their parents’ origin. Samay had a great time doing all the activities. Performance at the end was a great idea so we can see what all they have learnt. Please keep doing this great work!

--Rachana Shah

My daughter learned so much in the one week they were in class. My girls loved the Camp. Thank you

--Todd Lewis

This was our first year at Camp Jano India and what a blast my two kids had. They enjoyed all four weeks of camp, the highlight for my daughter was the on-site Holi celebration. They explored our culture and food through this fun journey and are looking forward to coming back again next year!


It was a pleasant surprise hearing my 8 yr old mouth phrases in Hindi, talk about Gandhi and sprout Indian state names. I think he enjoyed the cooking the most. He looked forward to Jano India Camp every morning. He made some friends and learnt a lot about his country & culture


This is the first time at this camp. It has been fun according to our daughter and she’d like to attend another camp.


Helped my child learn about Indian culture, my kid liked Hindi and was a good form of social interaction. The Camp has instilled lot of good knowledge about India& especially diversity & cultural flavors in India.

--Camp Parent

This is a good place to start with if you want to learn Hindi as well if your kids like to spend quality summer time. My daughter had great time here and enjoyed learning Hindi.

--Marimuthu P.K

Yeh camp achcha laga. Kids got to learn lots of Indian things.

--Camp Parent

My daughter really enjoyed the camp. This is the second time she has attended. The Camp is a gentle introduction to India & its culture.


My kids want to Jano India Camp for a week. They have learned a lot about India and Hindi. I am thankful to organizers.

--S Joshi

My kids 13 & 6 really enjoyed the Camp esp. making Mango Lassi.


"I think the camp had nice daily activities and I am proud of the fluency they attained"

--Camp Parent

Our kids enjoyed the cooking the most and liked all the teachers. Making the books and the shirts were also a favorite. This was their second year and plan to come back next year.

Next year please include a more detailed description of what each week covers. We would have liked to enroll them in Incredible India if we had known what you are covering.

--Reid Powers

I am very happy I sent my daughter to the Jano India camp. She learnt a lot in a short while having fun and doing things she liked. I especially liked the cooking segment it definitely makes the kids feel "grown up". Great job, would recommend it to my friends.


My son has attended the 1st and partly the 2nd level of Hindi class before. We liked the idea of camps as it exposes our kids to all the different festivals, food, traditions and culture of India. This way the kids appreciate it a lot more and understand better. I liked the camp a lot.


Sahana does not have any background whatsoever in Hindi. She goes to a dual immersion program in Spanish and English. I believe this camp helped her develop a lot of interest in Hindi as well as her identity as an Indian American. I am quite impressed with her Hindi pronunciation. The teachers (all of them) were very warm and supportive. We are leaving today for India& I bet Sahana can practice her Hindi quite a bit there. I would strongly recommend this camp to our friends & colleagues. Hope to see you next summer!


Medha had wonderful time and learned a lot. Presentation by kids was real fun to watch, and it was amazing to see it prepared in very short time (1 week time)


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